SIP proxy settings

Start X-Lite and than click on the menu button (right from the "Clear" button in the middle). Select "System Settings" in the menu window.
Select "SIP Proxy" and "default" on the next window.
Enter the following settings as default SIP proxy: In this example user name is "Joe Nobody" with login "joe" and password "joepass". Enter your personal assigned values, not the one below. Also be aware that the login credentials are case sensitive!

Enabled: Yes
Display Name: "Joe Nobody"
Username: joe
Authorization User: joe
Password: joepass
Domain/Realm: pbxde.heliopause.org
SIP Proxy: pbxde.heliopause.org
Out Bound Proxy: pbxde.heliopause.org
Use Outbound Proxy: Always


  1. Sound stops after a couple of seconds. X-Lite cut the sound transfer on silence, even on listening. In this case the third party can not be heard anymore until a sound is generated. This behavior depends on the microphone.
    Fix: Set "Transmit Silence" to YES under "Advanced System Settings" - "Audio Settings" - "Silence Settings".
  2. One way sound only. The firewall or NAT detection do not always succeed. This can block the inbound or outbound sound. In doubt try the echo test on extension 10 or 11.
    Fix: No workaround found yet.