Quick Start

Support Some short instructions to start using the VoIP network


  1. Get a SIP account. Simply send an email at info@heliopause.org
  2. Download and install a softphone (see the download section).
  3. Configure the SIP client to connect to the heliopause.org proxy

Place a call

  1. Dial a testing extension like the echo test to make sure your client is ready
  2. Any internal extension can be reached directly
  3. Dial an external phone using an outbound prefix (The call will originate from the selected country)
  4. Get incoming calls from any inbound number directed to the internal extensions range


All calls passing through the PBX can be transfered to any other number be it internal or external by using the # key.

For example to transfer an ongoing call from an internal number to a cellphone (say 0172/6361912 with the Aachen prefix), simply dial #001726361912 and the call will be transfered. If the transfer do not succeed, the call will bounce back to the old connection.

Voice Mail Box

All accounts are provided with a voice mail box which can be accessed with the extension 99. Standard voice mail box functionalities are provided. Also new messages are send by email.